Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Well I guess we knew it was inevitable... sigh...

After 26 years, DC is going to release a completely unnecessary PREQUEL to Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons' classic SELF-CONTAINED story "WATCHMEN".... but without Alan Moore or Dave Gibbons involved... (but the original editor & colorists are involved). Based on the 12-issue original series, this Prequel Money-Grab (dubbed "Before Watchmen") will be a series of character mini-series totally in 34 issues... followed by collected Hardcovers, Softcovers and Absolute Hardcovers. *cha-ching!*

Alan Moore told the New York Times,
"I don’t want money, [w]hat I want is for this not to happen. As far as I know." and described the project as "a kind of eager confirmation that they are still apparently dependent on ideas that I had 25 years ago."
The original series was self-contained, with the creators stating numerous times that they told the story they wanted to tell. Plus, within 'Watchmen' are numerous flashbacks that tell the backstory. I don't see the need for any prequels or sequels - 'Watchmen' is fine as a stand-alone story. Just leave it be. I'll be skipping this "event" myself, simply because I don't want it. I like having 'Watchmen' in my head as it is now.... as its been for 26 years... I don't want to expand upon it. It's just not for me. I have no interest.

But I anticipate huge sales (it has some good creators attached) and then probably an ongoing 'Watchmen' series, with the characters pulled into the New 52 Universe... maybe a 'Teen Watchmen' offshoot and cartoon.

I'd prefer if DC would instead concentrate in making NEW instant-classics.

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Bubbashelby said...

OR they could have made new 'retro' stories based on the Charlton characters the Watchmen were based on (The Question, Captain Atom etc.) That would have been pretty cool actually, and fact is those characters probably would sell books as well if not better than the Watchmen characters.

Anonymous said...

Eh...I know I'm in the minority on this site, but I kind of agree with this article:

allen etter said...

Speaking as someone who was never a big fan of the Watchmen, I feel that this is a bad idea soley based on the fact that the creator of the series doesn't want it to happen. its sort of like all the movies that tell us in stupifying detail the origin of characters best left a mystery "Hannial Lector" or "Micheal" from Halloween. Its pointless. And even tho Alan Moore is not a story teller I enjoy, the Watchmen are his creation and should be left alone.

Jim said...

Well you know how I feel about the Watchmen prequels... but I agree that Moore is being very hypocrtical.

Jim said...

and I agree, Eric - that would have been a sweet project I would be interested in!