Thursday, February 02, 2012


Aw man... I just heard the sad news that comic book artist AL RIO died this past Tuesday (1/31/12), an apparant suicide.

Terry, Al Rio's friend and art agent for many years, posts on

Depression and thoughts of suicide should not be ignored. I feel like I may have let my friend down by not recognizing he needed professional help. I talked to him frequently and art always seemed to bring him joy. I knew he had problems but I thought he was dealing with it as it came. I never knew he was suicidal but truly wish I could have recognized the symptoms and done something about it. I should have seen the signs.

From his last interview:

What gets you going?

What keeps me going? That's easy: I'm in love with drawing. It runs blood with drawing cells through my veins. My DNA is made of: sketch, pencils and inks, heeheehee. This defines me, drawing is the most important thing in my life. It is my superhero power. The super and details freak AL RIO. Thanks to my good God, my mission here on Earth is drawing.

I'll miss you forever Alvaro.

Al Rio leaves behind three children: Rene, Adrielle, and Isabel, and his wife Zilda. His funeral was yesterday, in Brazil. Contributions may be made to his family on his behalf through Kickstarter, and condolences may be sent to his family through and


Hey Monkey Butt said...

thoughts like his should never ever ever be overlooked. It's things like this that makes my blood boil. Very sad! :/

Jim said...

Sometimes one doesn't realize how deep the pain & depression truly goes... until its too late. :(

Jason Shayer said...

So very sad...

ComicArt said...

I just wanted you to know there is a new Al Rio Tribute Art Book that was published to raise money for the family. Please buy a copy here:
R.I.P. Alvaro