Thursday, February 09, 2012


I sent the above pic to my buddy Melchy, who's a huge 'Back to the Future' fan. I thought he'd dig it. Below is our brief IM conversation:

(06:15:18 PM) Melchy: Fluxair......I have problems with that.
(06:16:18 PM) Melchy: Flux Capacitor has nothing to do with the car flying. That was a hover conversion by Goldie Wilson Hover Conversions
(06:16:34 PM) Melchy: so maybe GoldieAir
(06:16:39 PM) Melchy: or better yet.....
(06:16:47 PM) Melchy: Goldie Wilson MayAir
(06:17:29 PM) Melchy: I scared myself with my reaction to that poster :)
(06:19:57 PM) JimSmash: "MayAir!... Like the sound of that!"
(06:20:05 PM) JimSmash: hahaha, brilliant - well done!
(06:20:08 PM) Melchy: haha
(06:20:33 PM) Melchy: I take my BTTF very seriously :)

*thanks for the poster pic, Daniel N!

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Jason said...


sounds regal and powerful...
probably should be pronounced with one sylable.

I think it means destined for greatness.