Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Citizen Justice said...

the trailer looks really good. The poster is funny with all the actors sans helmet. Also it looks like they may actually be reacting to some of the criticism of the last poster by having Black Widow posing all sexily for no reason. Good work marvel

Anonymous said...

Yea, I do find it hilarious that Cap,.... The Leader of the team,.. Takes 3rd billing in the back.
" EVERYONE LOVED IRON MAN,.. he's going to sell tickets,... Put him in the he's the best actor we have so he'll have to carry the film.."

Jim said...

Well this movie is more 'Ultimates' than 'Avengers'. Which is a shame because the Ultimates are lacking in imagination. Anyway, Iron Man is kind of the leader of Millar's Ultimates.

But devils advocate.... So if is the "origin" of the Avengers Iron Man would be the "leader" at the beginning. Captain America did not join the team until Avengers #5, becoming the leader later.

Regardless, Cap should be leader for the simple fact that would be awesome. Hmmm, ok so maybe Iron Man is the leader by co-creating the Avengers, Cap becomes the leader organically & naturally because he is who he is. :)

Anonymous said...

um, HELLOOOOOO... he's got "CAPTAIN" in his NAME! it isn't "Captain Iron"!!!!


i think that what they've been doing, although not perfectly perfect (has ANY Superhero Film perfectly BEEN "perfect" anyway?), is pretty awesome.

DC has got MILES to catch up w/ even what Xmen was back some years ago, as imperfect as those films were but "respectful to the art we all love".

we'll see how this new Superman goes, hopefully it will be a few steps up as Green Lantern and Wonder Woman (or, rather, "another FAILED ATTEMPT at WW") were obvious steps backwards.

i don't care if they're "perfectly spot on", as a fan who grew up w/ this stuff, as long as they're entertaining, "close enough", and just overall kick-ass movies.

both Iron Man films, minus whomever bitching about whatever (even in my personal dislike of changing Rhodes from a PERFECT cast to Cheadle, despite he being a fantastic actor), succeeded in just that.

Captain America was very well done, Thor was good stuff, Norton's Hulk was killer, Xmen: first Class was handled awesomely...

can't wait for Avengers and GOOD LUCK, DC!