Tuesday, February 07, 2012


For a Limited Time, you can get a tasty (allegedly) BACON MILKSHAKE at Jack-In-The-Box! But wait... there's some disappointment involved... its made with bacon FLAVORING, not real bacon. But I do suggest you stick a single strip of bacon in it much like you would a celery stick in a bloody mary. Who wants to review this beverage for me?! Go! Go! Go!


Anonymous said...

first of all: "ew". secondly, "ew times 2 'cause it's not even real bacon".

Timewaster said...

Maybe someone will make me one. BY HAND.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

lolz... sounds effn tasty. Bacon is good in everything, Im not really diggn the whole "bacon flavor". Im with you, put some BACON in there! lolz. I would try it, I really would, we don't have Jack in the Box here. Sucks! How limited? Bet we could make a day trip out of it, lolz.