Monday, February 06, 2012


Over at ECBT 2000AD, they've posted 4 new pics of the upcoming 'JUDGE DREDD' movie, starring Karl Urban. The pics themselves don't instill geeky giddiness, but I'm still hoping for a great Dredd movie... fingers crossed!

*thanks, Melchy!


Anonymous said...

Looks better than I expected.

However, it only shows that oversized shoulder adornments are necessary. While people not used to the comic might think they look silly, they balance the size of the helmet. Without something increasing his shoulder size, this Dredd looks even more like a straw with his helmet than he does without it.

Jim said...

Good point!

palat said...

CGI: believe it or not, the helmets have been reduced with CGI already. Producers have said they were aware of this gigantism thang... Unfortunately for our taste, they didn't shrink them small enough. See this link to see a pic of their original size:

And while I'm at it, here's another link for a cool army robot (with a normal helmet) from a new film coming out: