Friday, February 24, 2012


Hello, what have we here?!

Check out Hot Toys' new BESPIN LUKE deluxe figure! The attention to detail is fantastic!

It gets better - its a Set of TWO! The 2nd figure being Ass-Whooped Luke, with Sweaty Luke Head, Arm Stub and battle-damaged outfit!

Plus it comes with the Bespin Weathervane for display n' play!

AND special Dagobah Dark Side Cave Vader-Luke Head!
(exclusive version)

Now if only it also came with a
"No. No! That's not true. That's IMPOSSIBLE!" bonus head.


allen etter said...

that is a great job on the face!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

The only thing that spoils it is the HUGE stitching on the clothes !!!

Took said...

got it on pre-order for ages now :)
Bloody expensive, but basically you get two Hot Toys figures (yes, Hot Toys, sideshow is only the distributor).

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

still not correct, Jim ;)

It comes with 2 figures. One clean & crispy, perfectly for walking into a trap. And one where he got his ass kicked (and hand cut off, along with other bruises and torn up outfit).

That explains the $300 (yikes) pricetag. it's two complete figures, and a huuuge weathervane.

Jim said...

Changed (again).