Wednesday, February 08, 2012


It's rare when a sequel completely surpasses the original.
This is not such a case.


allen etter said...

a buddy of mine and I watched this in the theater in grad school...I almost cried in the theater because it was so amazingling A TOTAL SUCKFEST! What a crime to follow Highlander with a movie that totally says "screw the audience...lets make up a new mythology around the characters we created in the first movie". ARRRG!

Anonymous said...

That movie was an abomination.
" hey, let's take an awesome story, with an awesome, mythical-like premise, make it into a rediculously thought out plot, circling around a B level Sci-fi plot, rehash some scenes, then.... s#%* all over it"


Jim said...

Hehe, I knew you guys would enjoy this post! :)

I saw it in the theater, too.... I rank it up there with other shitty movie experiences like 'Alien Resurrection', 'Phantom Menace' and "Batman & Robin'. Not to say they are all on the same level of shittiness.