Monday, February 06, 2012


Years ago, while watching Kurosawa's 'SEVEN SAMURAI' again, I thought, "I'd love to see a remake of STAR WARS, but with an all-Japanese cast and set to a 'Samurai-in-Space' backdrop".

Well check out these SUPER AWESOME illustrations by CLINTON FELKER!

Felker is even selling prints (which I will be purchasing) HERE.

*thanks, Dr Lazarus!


Anonymous said...

CAN'T WAIT to see the beloved Jar Jar on the big screen again, in 3D NO DOUBT!!!!

yes, that's an exaggeration, but i'd literally rather see a whole film of just Jar Jar than even an hour of Star Trek lameness. that's how much cooler Star Wars is and how totally lame Star Trek is.


Jim said...

Ya just can't let it go, can you?!

You don't see me constantly rattling on-an-on about the Preali....nevermind.


(original Star Trek rules!!!)

Anonymous said...

rattle on, my friend, rattle on. ;-p

but, no, the original Star Trek was only better than recent stuff, the GROSSLY OVERRATED "new" movie as well as the countless tv shows, which is like saying...

"the new bacon milkshake is better than the bacon fudge sundae Jack-in-the-Crack tried in 1989". suck is no less sucky just because it is compared to more suck, get it? lol

oh, and i'll definitely, gladly let it go, my friend. soon as people let go of the hatin' on the prequels!

Jim said...

Hahahaha! Awesome.

I'm a Star Wars Fan AND a Star Trek Fan. Although I love SW more.

I hate the Prequels and I hate most of the Star Trek stuff after the original series. And even with the original series, I'd say HALF of the show was good. With Star Trek, its more the IDEAS that I dig.

I really really don't like the JJ Abrams movie. I don't understand why so many people praise it. It's not a good movie... nor a good Star Trek movie.

ORIGINAL (non Special Edition) "A New Hope" and "Empire Strikes Back" are some of the best Sci-Fi ever made. And on my Top 10 all-time favorite films list.

I find there's room to hate both the Star Wars Prequels and Much of Star Trek. Both properties have their good and their awful.

Anonymous said...

"Both properties have their good and their awful." perfectly said, my friend.

as a true fan of SW, i can admit to the awful and happily praise the good, i just really don't think the "awful" is REALLY THAT terrible, or at least as "insultingly atrocious" as people like to think.

i can admit, as someone who really dislikes most things ST, that it has its' good as well. ...despite Abrams impressing us w/ Super 8, after expecting much less having seen the ST movie, i became annoyed w/ all the hype for his ST flick.

but that's just me & my natural distaste for "all things overrated".

and the special edition stuff honestly just doesn't bug me so much. ...other than Han not shooting first, of course, as that plays HEAVILY into who that character is. but all the rest is just, really, "what Lucas wanted all along, but just couldn't do 'cause the tech hadn't reached that point".

to me, it just really speaks more to his overall SPANNING VISION than point out the "lame tweaking too much", despite admitting there is definitely some of that going on.

he did tinker w/ things a lil bit much, but it's his toy to do so. hey, i think he should've thrown in more of the "deleted scenes", but oh well. not my toy.

...and people really should read SW books. they're so much better than the movies and i'm a diehard fan (CLEARLY! lol) of the films.

Jim said...

I haven't read all the Star Wars novels...

I enjoyed the Thrawn Trilogy... 'Labyrinth of Evil'... and 'Dark Lord'

The 'Tales of..." books are awesome, espcially the Bounty Hunters one!

Some of the Prequel-Era books have their moments and really flesh out Obi-Wan & Anakin's relationship, the Clonetroopers (and their relationship with the Jedi), Anakin's superior abilities, and Anakin's slow, organic seduction to the Dark Side. I also liked how the various authors described how each Jedi taps into the Force (and use it) differently.

The New Jedi Order was crazy, and I enjoyed the huge epic span, as well as it being something DIFFERENT.

I enjoyed Jude Watson's 'Legacy of the Jedi' (young readers), and haven't finished her "Last of the Jedi' series, but so far I'm digging them.

I have sitting on my shelf & unread: 'Deathtroopers', 'Darth Bane: Path to Destruction' and the 'Republic Commando' books.

I tend to enjoy thsoe books that are set OUTSIDE of the original trilogy's timeline... so either before, and sometimes after. I feel that 'Return of the Jedi' was the END... Vader & Palpatine were the biggest threat to the galaxy for THAT generation, so why bother exploring more... or "filling in the gaps", which usually just piss me off. The Prequel Era (or earlier) stories are fun because it fleshes out a weak trilogy (in my opinion). I have no emotional investiment in the Prquels, myself.

There's still a lot I'd like to read, espcially the Old Republic and Darth Bane stuff.

Do you have any Novel recommendations?

Oooooh, maybe you should try some Star Trek novels! Wouldn't that be awesome - the expanded universe novels end up turning you into a Trekkie! hehehe :)