Friday, September 25, 2015


Holy crap, JIMSMASH turns 10 years old today!!

I'm not sure if I should celebrate or be depressingly embarrassed that I've kept this blog going for so long. Maybe a little of both.

When I first launched JimSmash, it was a way to share fun things with a handful of friends. Soon others discovered it and to my surprise actually stuck around, contributing via comments and content! Thank you all for that. YOU are the reason why this silly blog still exists today. 

JimSmash Trivia: "JIMSMASH!" was almost called "EMPEROR JIM".

Looking back, Geek Culture and Internet Culture were such a different places 10 years ago.... The Geek Explosion hadn't quite hit yet and gone mainstream (ie, you were still ridiculed for liking comics, toys and sci-fi). Marvel hadn't been rebooted yet and DC was still existing in the Post-Crisis Universe. We now have more Star Wars than ever before, an onslaught of superhero movies, $5 comic books, and sequels/reboots/remakes and sequels of rebooted remakes! It almost seems that everyone is into geek stuff and those who are not are now ridiculed (madness!). It's either the best time to be a geek or the worst, depending on who you ask. For me, it depends on the day.

10 years ago Geek Culture on the Internet was still relatively small. There weren't a lot of websites that highlighted geeky stuff... not to say I was a pioneer (I was most definitely NOT), but there wasn't the huge range of geek news sites around, creating daily "Top 10 Lists", etc. A few times I began blocking out plans to advance JimSmash to the next level(s), but decided to keep it as a fun hobby on the side. Life had a hand in this decision as well, as I moved through my 30s and into 40. 

Also, the overall Internet Culture was more subdued and somewhat more civilized back then (exception: The H.E.A.T. fans on various message boards). I don't think the Internet Troll had been birthed yet, or at least I wasn't aware of it. There was a time when Trolls began rearing their ugly heads that I considered shutting down JimSmash. My tongue-in-cheek "smashing" was quickly being lumped in with Asshole "Nerd Rage". I think the tone of JimSmash shifted a bit around Year 5, and when I re-read many of my old posts, I'm embarrassed how I sound. 

I don't know what the Future of Geek Culture holds for us, nor can I foresee my involvement as a blogger and consumer. But for now, I stand in amazement that JimSmash still exists 10 years later from that fateful September 25th in 2005. Thanks again for helping to keep this blog fun for me, which in the end, is all that matters!

Uhhh, so that's all I have to say, really.... To be honest, I was ill-prepared for this 10th anniversary. I don't have a big celebratory post in place, so perhaps a quick recap of the things we've learned over the past decade...

"JimSmash Clubhouse Rules" (so to speak):

* The Theatrical Cut of 'ALIENS' is the best
(but the SE Sentry Guns are awesome)

* The Force is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together. 

* The Predalien is dumb.

* Iron Maiden is the only religion you need. Up the Irons!

* The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the One.

* You got The Touch. You got The Power.

* Crom laughs at your Four Winds.

* 'The Terminator' > Terminator Sequels

* Friends don't let friends watch the Special Editions of the Star Wars Original Trilogy.

* Yay, Aquaman!

* Hail Cobra.

* Space Jockeys (ALIEN) have NO connection to Engineers (Prometheus)

* You know what, just fuck 'Prometheus' in general. 

* I can never have enough copies of the ALIENS Novelization. 
Join my Insane Mission!

So speaking of Insane Mission... 
It recently hit another milestone - Shelf 3 is days away from being complete (5 more books are currently on their way)! 

The collection is absolutely bananas and from a distant looks like total crazy. Which it is. Most of those books were donated by JimSmash Readers and I am constantly in awe at the generosity. Whenever I have doubts about JimSmash... whether it should continue and/or if anyone even reads the stupid thing anymore.... those shelves filled with donated Aliens Novelizations reminds me of the great friendships with awesome people (that's you) formed through JimSmash. Whether you've contributed to Insane Mission or not, thank you for participating in the dorky clubhouse that is JimSmash! I love you all. Except you, Anonymous. 

And here are some classic posts:

Wow, 10 years.... please don't let this thing reach 20.


Oh hey! If you don't mind, please chime in and let me know how long you've been reading JimSmash! I know some have been with me from Day 1, others soon after. But I'd love to know when you first started reading JimSmash (if you're still here) and how you discovered this silly blog!

"So what's up with the Wookiee pic? Well, my first post was a simple stream-of-consciousness thought: "A WOOKIEE BASEBALL LEAGUE would Rock!" I don't like Baseball, but now I'm stuck with the tradition - each birthday I post a Wookiee baseball pic.
* 1st PostBirthday 1Birthday 2 ,Birthday3Birthday 4Birthday 5Birthday 6Birthday 7, 
Birthday 8, Birthday 9


Unknown said...

Great post Jim! I myself have been reading for about 5 years now. Keep 'em coming dude. Also I hope it reaches 20 years to satisfy this Irish guys nerd thirst :)

Timewaster said...

Not sure how long I've been reading it. Found out about the site through my buddy Greg Land. Ever since, we've been monitoring this site in preparation for taking you down! (with some help from John Romita jr.)

Christopher22 said...

In the summer of 2008 I did a Google search for Greg Land. The FIRST hit that came up lead me to a wonderfully put together piece on why that guy is a scammer. That first hit was JIMSMASH. Ever since that day I've read probably everything you've posted since.
10 years? I say you got another 10 left in you good sir. Here's to that day my friend.

IsuzuGeek said...

Jim, your blog is awesome, one of the few I regularly read, and I agree with 90% of your house rules!

Michael Tough said...

I have no idea how long I've been visiting, at least 3 or 4 years. I can't even remember how I discovered JimSmash, but I think it was either Greg Land... what I do know is that this is my favourite places on the Internet, and I visit at least once a day.

Happy birthday!!

-Michael Tough

Mr. Legs said...

Dearest Jim Smash,

How overjoyed I am at the turning of this, your first decade as a geek blogger. Or as I affectionately like to call them, Gloggers. Yours is the most pure of heart, however, and thusly feel that this day should be commemorated with a line of collectable glasses from Burger King. For a limited time only, of course! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh time flies when you're having a ball. I do hope you celebrate.

Dance, magic. Dance!!

Warm regards from the nether realms.

Mr. Legs

Chris said...

Amen, Jim! Happy birthday!

Chris said...

Can I just second the fuck Prometheus sentiment too?

I discovered JimSmash, not sure how, (probably searching for Alien Prequel news - ah, my hopes were so high back then) in 2010 on a Friday afternoon at work. I initially tried to save it for a Friday only treat, but, um, sacked that right off and now tune in every day. I've tried other blogs, but it's just not the same. I don't know much about comics but I'm damned if a bit of Alien nerdery will pass me by!

I really do love it (the blog, and Aliens).

Thanks for all the posts.


Eric Stettmeier said...

Wow! What a run! Ten years - congrats on the milestone! It got me thinking when I started, back in '07. Man, you are right, EVERYTHING about all the stuff we blab about has changed drastically in the last decade. Not sure when I first discovered this blog, but it's been since at least '07 or '08 I'm sure. Keep up the madness for another decade at the least!

Sheila D. said...

Somewhere around 10 years ago! We love you, Jimmy! xoxo

Kim Dubuisson said...

Congrats! Been reading your blog for years. Keep up the amazing work!!!

Matthew S said...

I have been an avid follower for around five years, once even making my way back to the beginning of the blog. You featured a Boba Fett style Spartan helmet that I sent you a link for, which really made my day. Long may JIMSMASH continue!