Thursday, September 03, 2015


I guess this is from some EU story? Shrug. I like the helmet, but would prefer the bust without the poncho and hood.

from Gentle Giant:

Commander Faie, a by the book, no nonsense clone, was the ideal soldier from the Kamino engineers who produced him. This was the cause of much aggravation to his Jedi General Quinlan Vos, who was anything but by the book. Sent to Kashyyyk to defend the Wookie homeworld from separatist attack, Faie and Vos fought a viscous campaign against the droid armies to keep the planet firmly in Republic hands. Ultimately though, defeat came from the betrayal of Order 66, broadcast to all clone commanders who began eliminating their Jedi Generals en masse. Vos, wounded but alive, was able to strike down Faie before his former subordinate could lay waste to a Wookie village in his hunt for the Jedi.

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