Friday, June 19, 2009


Above is a concept art pic of DEADPOOL for the Wolverine movie (link). What I like best about it is how much he looks like ZARTAN from GIJoe instead of Deadpool. The concept artist states, "I liked this version of Deadpool and wish it had made it into the movie but it was very early on in development and the character's face had to be seen."

This is why Hollywood movies right now kick so much ass - the original, imaginative talent involved in the creative process. Yes, that's sarcasm.


Anonymous said...

dude of all the fucking bullshit....
FUCKING ZARTAN IS BALD in the new movie ,

BARONESS IS 2 FUCKING FEET TALL and she was bitchin that she had to wear fake breasts GET A TALL FUCKING HOTTY to be the baroness
(Zoe / from star treck) that i could have brought.

now Zartan is ripped off to be deadpool ... WTF
FUCK HOLLYWOOD , give it to japan dammit it may suck , but it will be Actually based on the source.


MORS said...

when i first saw the concept art a while back, my first thought was zartan. i mean, someone must have been a joe fan to do that to deadpool. hell, i would have loved to see him look more like zartan than baraka. but i guess the real question is why does deadpool have to look like someone else? why cant deadpool look like deadpool?

Harima Guga said...

How to ruin a character in one artwork, kgo!