Thursday, June 25, 2009


Michael Jackson died today of an apparent heart attack.
He was 50.

The King is dead.
Long live the King.... of Pop!

*controversies aside

10) "SCREAM"; for a split second, it looked like MJ was re-inventing himself into a semi-semi-cool looking goth/vamp dude.... but alas, nope!

9) THE WIZ; you know it.

8) ELEPHANT MAN'S BONES; did he own them? did he not? either way, that's awesome.

7) CAPTAIN EO; all-star cast, director and FX in a horrible sci-fi disney ride!

6) MIGHTY MORPHIN' MICHAEL; brought digital morphing to the Masses in his "Black & White" music video... plus he beats up a parked car for like 5 silent minutes, before morphing into a panther and running away.

5) NEVERLAND RANCH; dude had a rollar coaster in his backyard! You telling me if you weren't buttass rich you wouldn't do the same? Kudos.

4) BUBBLES; pet chimp named "Bubbles"? #4 ladies & gentlemen.

3) MOONWALKER; "Smooth Criminal", plus the arcade game was fantastical -you transformed into robo-MJ and kicked ass!

2) THE JACKSON 5; I don't care what anyone says, that was some damn fine entertainment - audio and live-performances.

1) THRILLER MANIA; album, video(s), moonwalking, the jacket, the glove, the glitter military costumes, the global insanity!

**these were off the top of my head


allen etter said...

Scream...was that the weird sci-fi anime video he did with sister Janet?

Jim said...

that's the one

woobot said...

Dude, great MJ photos, good selection of eras. Loved this post, your MJ moments are great!

otter said...

when did he have the monkey Bubbles? because at one point i had an imaginary friend named Mr. Bubbles, who was an orangutan.

i think i need therapy now.

Ali said...

Through all this MJ hysteria, has anyone heard
anything from "Weird Al Yankovich"?

Jim said...

that's what I'VE been saying all week!! :)