Monday, June 15, 2009


You may have heard already, Fox is making an ALIEN PREQUEL.... it will be produced by RIDLEY & TONY SCOTT, and directed by commercial director CARL ERIK RINSCH.

*(although now reports are coming out that Fox is saying they will not greenlight the Alien prequel unless RIDLEY is in the director's chair)

I have little hope for this movie, which I find unneccesary. But my anger levels are quite low. You see, the last 3-4 Alien outings (Alien3 thru AVP-R) have already ruined the franchise. I simply lack the strength to give a shit anymore.

That aside, Ridley Scott as producer gives the flick some hope.... and Rinsch's commercials are imaginative, so there's that I guess.

I wonder if it will focus on the "Space Jockeys" from the first one. I know in previous interviews over the years, Ridley has said that's what he wanted to do if he ever returned to Alien. That and show the Alien homeworld... unless he goes with his other idea: The Aliens are bio-weapons and not part of the Natural Order (bah!).

Personally, I'm guessing it will tie the Ripley family to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, in a nice Lucas-esque "everything's connected" way with a big red bow on top. I'd rather see an epic with no humans, just Space Jockeys & Aliens with no [understandable] dialogue. I think most people would hate that, but I'd fucking love it.

But there I go again..... caring.... sigh.

Here's some examples of Rinsch's commercial work:

Could be worse.... it could be in the hands of Stephen Sommers or Michael Bay or......


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Shit ! Shit Shit ! Anyway enough about the 3 Star Wars prequels, this doesn't sound much better, even if Ridley Scott directs which I doubt he will !!!

Anonymous said...

Arrrgggg, when will the defiling end???

If you care to, I reviewed T4 here:

And touched on some similar points...

I do agree, I would fuckin love it, done right, but you know, nothing seems to be done right nowadays...