Sunday, June 21, 2009


Bah! Well, I've been lucky enough to be included in the latest round of LAYOFFS at work. Soooo, JimSmash postings will be a little slower than normal as I job search & get resettled.....

Plus I recently lost some very important data that was to be used in future JimSmash postings.... GIGS worth of hundreds & hundreds of images (found & created) as well as in-progress posts of brilliance. All gone.

So yeah, JimSmash is getting hit on all sides here.

But Don't go anywhere!
I'm still here.... just a bit pre-occupied and operating slower than usual.

Hopefully soon, the Alien Queen willing, JimSmash postings will return to its regular frequency.... until then, enjoy a slower-paced JimSmash!


Anonymous said...

Jim, sorry to hear that, man. I am confident everything will work out for the best though.

Multiple Miggs said...

Sorry to hear that as well. Never ever a good thing.

unkiedev said...

Sorry, Jim. It's tough out there. The best I've found in a while was an internship to be chained to a giant wheel with a bunch of other children until being sold into gladiatorial combat.

NO benefits.

Fraser Lovatt said...

Sorry to hear your troubles, Jim -- we'll still be out here, hanging on your every word. Hope all comes good soon.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Bogus news !! :(

Anonymous said...

Who did you work for? I forgot....I know Woo is busy over at that place....Hopefully in that town you'll end up doing something you like....the verification is
siveler..rearainged has silver in there somewhere...NOERB

jmayer said...

Hey look at the brightside.
Now you can be objective on your Transformers 2 review :)

and I need the unedited version of that grayson pic.

Paul said...

Sorry to hear that, Jim.

I'm throwing myself into the job hunt as well, with my move to Orlando this Fall.

Anonymous said...

Soory to hear about the bad news but hey look at the bright side

I GOT A JOB 4 U!!!!!!!

one questions tho.. are u good with poles? and would ur wife object to bringing in extra tips of ones in possibly many amounts!...

word verification : BERICOOL

Jim said...

Pole dancing is what I was layed off from. I thinking of venturing into new occupational territory, but thanks for the offer.

I'm currently thinking of "JimSmash's Hotel & Casino" featuring high number of geek slots; Alien, AVP, Star Wars, Star Wars: Dark Side, Star Trek, Terminator, Indiana Jones... Wizard of Oz...

and/or JimSmash full-time... um, anyone want to pay me full-time to JimSmash all day?

joseph said...

I'm sorry to hear as well, I'm a fairly recent browser of your site. But they day I found it, it kept me amused for a whole afternoon.

Anonymous said...

no non no no u got me all wrong.. i meant if u were good with poles or anyother pole like related obejects in other to tranpsort them from palce to place.. and about the tips.. well u get pretty good tips if u pick up strangers along the way hehe if ya know what i mean.. but man u got a dirty MIND!!! lol jk

u know getting pain to jimsmash all day would be sweet that way we would always have sumting to look forward to evryday.. not waiting weeks for a new post >:P lol

jason said...

Oh god..
Nevermind on the review of Transformers 2, just watched it.

It actually gave me a migrane.

I felt like I entered the mind of a 14 year old, with a 70 IQ, playing with his action figures and siter's barbies as he wonders why his parts get all tingley when looking at barbie's nubs.

Seriously it's an embarrassment to all the work that went into it and to think that guy is running an fx studio. It's awesome when you can say I worked on the dry-humping sequence, and the followup question is, which one?

Haven't seen T4, but after the eye bleeding Origins I didn't think anything would be that bad this year. But transformers is mindless and soul-crushing, well guess Sommers GI JOE can't be worse..

Anonymous said...

Bay doesn't run an fx studio, he's merely a co-owner/investor.

Skip Trans2.
(did you SEE the 1st one? What did you expect????)

Skip T4.

Skip GIJoe.

Seriously, if anyone actually goes to see any of these turds they have no right to complain.

jason said...

"merely a co-owner/investor"

He's listed as a company executive, co-chair, but I'm sure he's got a real hands-off approach to management, seems like a mellow guy.

and I didn't go anywhere to see it.

and while infantile it does contain some genuinely amazing visual fx, as does the first one. and seeing as it is what I do for a living, watching "fx" movies is part of my job.

what I didn't expect, was for it to cause actual physical pain.

"Seriously, if anyone actually goes to see any of these turds they have no right to complain."

haha.. do you know Jim or read Jimsmash ever? If you don't like people complaining, maybe posting on a site about complaining isn't the best forum.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Jim. I hope a vulture swoops down soon so that you may partake in a bite of it's neck. We laid off 5 peeps last week. I am scared.

Anonymous said...

LOL touche, Jason

I still say, "What did you expect?!" in regards to Transformers 2.

Jen said...

sorry jimmy smash
that sucks

but you are the GREAT JIMMY SMASH
you'll get a bigger better job

jason said...

yes I like touche!

and I had low low expectations for Trans2,
but wow...

I think tylenol could make a killing selling Bay-strength formula at the concession stands.

cheers :)