Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed the ALIENS RPG is officially dead. Based on the above images from the game, I could not be happier!! If you do not understand why I feel that way, you're either new to JimSmash (welcome!) or haven't been paying attention (hmph, Ignorer).

Stop fucking with the designs!
Giger's version is perfect.... (and Stan Winston's).

I blame ALIEN 3. Some douche in Alien3 production introduced to the Alien biology that it takes the form/characteristics of its host. Imagine if a facehugger jumped onto a PLATYPUS. Yeah, thanks.

Time Travel destination #003: 1990 and stop Alien 3 from being made. The "Alien Saga" is then preserved with only 2 movies. "Dream weaver, I believe you can get me through the night!"


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Wow a fat Alien, now we know who ate all the pie's at Hadley's Hope !!

melchy said...

Alien Gamera

dr lazarus said...

are those frickin' DINOSAUR Aliens?! DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!

Rich said...

Go back a year earlier and get rid of "Final Frontier" while you're at it...

Unknown said...

the design is as ridiculous as fucking Predalien~!!!
it totally ruined the original brilliant design
Alien3 didn't give a concept about to what extent the alien can take traits from host
my own preference is alien may take traits from host Occasionally,but Must Remain a Relatively Original shape as we see in Alien and Aliens,the dog/bull alien keeps a balance between violation and "innovation" from original design ,absolutely not acceptable to me if it goes any more "innovative"
i can't understand why AVP fans think taking traits from host is a good idea,it is a Redundant and Unnecessary addition to the already unique,outstanding shape/life-cycle design
Mostly Important,there is a gigantic Contradiction between this idea and the Excellence of Original design which uniquely stand out from all the other movie monsters!!!