Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Samuel L. Jackson is going to be THE OCTOPUS in the upcoming THE SPIRIT movie - an adaptation of the legendary Will Eisner's comic book of the same name. This year's Comic-Con brochure reveals his look. In the comic, you never saw The Octopus' identity. In the movie, its just Samuel L. Jackson in a furcoat with some sharpy on his face.

This got me thinking back to my anger over the whole Sam L Jackson/NICK FURY thing. Besides being upset that they completely changed the character of Fury (in the Ultimate Universe and Iron Man movie), they simply turned Fury into the actor, Samuel L. Jackson, with an eye-patch. Such is the way when you cast him, I guess.

Outside of a few roles post-Pulp Fiction, SLJ seems to just phone it in... the same way every single time. He doesn't become the character, the character becomes SAMUEL L. MOTHER-FUCKING JACKSON. Its like he's the host of Saturday Night Live, playing himself (or a parody of himself) in every scene. It worked for Snakes On A plane, but must we always see the same "character" in every role?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not entirely bashing Samuel L. Jackson. Like I said, I've enjoyed him in several of his roles - Unbreakable, Pulp Fiction, Long Kiss Goodnight, Kiss of Death... Coming to America.

Hmmm, come to think of it, it seems like he's been doing his Coming to America role ever since! Maybe its just me, but I'm tired of the CHARACTER Samuel L. Jackson has become. Let's see the ACTOR, who brings something to the role besides a guest walk-on appearance.


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I thought his role in Unbreakable was outstanding, actually the best part of the movie.

On a different note - Jim - has Indy 4 not been released in the States yet? Im waiting patiently for your review.

Jim said...

yeah, he was fantastic in Unbreakable.

IndyIV comes out May 22 in the States. I may not get to the theaters this week/weekend, tho. But I will post a review when I do see it!

Predictions: Meh.

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i say they just go all the way with it and cast Snoop Dog as Dum Dum in the avengers movie. Then he could play Rick Jones to Sam's Hulk, Loki to his Thor, They could even change it to where Snoop's voice is the voice of the Sufer's board,.....( even though that's never even been part of the mythos)the possibilities are endless. I say why not,..thay simply don't seem to care any way. and com on,..everyone LOVES Snoop Dog,..lets just cast him. ( maybe Christopher Walken could play Galactus...)

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harsh but true. and funny!

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see I am not the only one who feels this way. Jackson can act when he wants to, but lately has been phoning it in. I also don't understand why he has this reputation of being THE super tough guy. Like you wrote, he was tough in Pulp Fiction, but that is all. He's all talk and NO NICK FURY.

mr_thye said...

You guys must have missed Black Snake Moan