Friday, May 02, 2008


Saw IRON MAN last night.
I'm super busy, so here's a crappy, hastily written review:

I really enjoyed it! Favereau pretty much nails the movie and places it as one of the best comic movie adaptations thus far (which, sadly, isn't saying much). He hits all/most the points needed in an Iron Man origin movie. The cast is great with kudos to Robert Downey Jr who does a fantastic interpretation of Tony Stark. For the most part, the film is solid.

My only main complaint is that I felt the movie lacked "heart". Faveraeu did a wonderful job of putting the COMIC up on the screen. Unfortunately, that's all it is; a comic up on the screen. I was hoping it would be a FILM, as well, not just a popcorn movie. But as a popcorn movie, it rocked!

Sure, there are some plot holes and logical moments you must push to the back of your brain. But overall, its one of the better comic book movies. This was Marvel's first movie with them "in control" and I think they did a great job! Probably the best Marvel movie so far.

I'd like to see it again in the theaters. I'm curious how it will hold up. Faveraeu has said he has Part 2 (which is greenlit already) and Part 3 already written in his head as a trilogy. Can't wait, keep em comin!


spaceJASE said...

Saw this last night and liked it a lot. Mostly because it was so true to the comic. There was no Hollywood BS fucker thinking they could improve on it and change things here and there to make it "better" - You know, like they ruined X-men later and Spiderman and the fist HULK. It just felt like a comic book rendered on screen. AWESOME. Big explosions, shiny metal, snappy one-liners and hot chicks. (Gwyneth is tops! OK she's not a vegan like Natalie, but I bet I could convince her...)

Please tell me you waited 'til the end of the credits to see the last scene!!!

Robiscus said...

i am one of the many that missed the last scene, but what a movie.
such a breath of fresh air. i thought it was almost flawless and i'm thrilled that it upped the ante and showed Sam Raimi how to actually make a superhero movie.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe all this hatred for the first two Spiderman movies. Those are better than Iron Man by far, but I thought Iron Man was still pretty good.

My biggest complaint was they put too much emphasis on Tony Stark building the suit - how many times do we need to see him tightening screws and soldering wires? More action baby!

Robiscus said...

the first two spider man movies, to me, had cookie cutter hollywood scripts, brutal pacing, and talked down to the audience so much that it was revolting. i walked out of the second one with 15 minutes left because from 30 minutes left on - it was just going through the motions. i knew everything that was going to happen(and i hadn't read anything about it and i saw it on opening night).
you would have to have a friggin head injury to be surprised at the story twists of that movie. was there even any "twists"?

the whole romantic subplot with Parker and Mary Jane?!?
i was waiting for someone to stab my eyes and ears out rather than endure that excruciatingly saccharine, predictable, claptrap. He beat the villains... his grammy loves him... he aced his exam.... AND he gets his GIRL!!

what a load.

Tony Stark is drinking booze, pissing off the shareholders, and redefining the superhero genre. its the best thing that has happened to hollywood takes on comics and i'll bet dollars to donuts that producers, directors and studio heads are now rethinking their current development of Marvel's properties.

Jim said...

I really liked the first 1/2 of Spiderman1... up until Macy Gray & The Green Goblin showed up. Everything after that, including the sequels, were blah.

Anonymous said...

agree 100%,..first half of the first movie,..that's pretty much it. Everything afterwards just kept spiraling down into an abysmal waste of a film(s)

-But Iron Man was friggin great,...(thanks guys) (EXCEPT for Sam Jackson as Fury,...c'mon guys,..really???)