Monday, May 26, 2008


These comics ended ABRUPTLY with no closure:* PITT: Dale Keown's "Biker Hulk From Space... with claws!'
* BATTLE CHASERS: Joe Madureira, hot off his killer X-Men run, did this not-so-original Sword N Sorcery book. Story was for shite, but the art sure was perty.
* X-MEN THE HIDDEN YEARS: John Byrne's "untold stories" that would have filled in the gap between X-Men #67 and X-Men #93, which were actually reprint issues back in the day. Marvel cancelled the series with just 4-freaking issues to go!
* WILDCATS 3.0: Man, kickass stories by Joe Casey with kickass art by Dustin Nguyen. And they canceled it without any closure at issue #24 - it was planned to be finish at issue 40.
* SOUL SAGA: Total guilty pleasure book, by Stephen Platt (who vanished off the face of the earth, apparently)
* ASH: Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti's superhero fireman. They started "their own Image Comics" with EVENT COMICS. I think Ash was the only title when they stopped at issue 6 to go back to save Marvel with their Marvel Knights imprint. What was I saying?.... oh yeah, I miss Ash.
* YOUNGBLOOD: Alan Moore and Steve "Matrix" Skroce relaunched Liefeld's Youngblood (was this version 4? 5?). It had promise, especially with those two creators on the book, but stopped after the 2nd issue. Jeezus, really?
* NEW MEN: Another Liefeld "created" book. I never liked this title, but near its end, CHRIS SPROUSE came onboard as penciller. Suddenly, me like. But then it stopped coming out after like 4 issues.

These comics were suddenly cancelled, but given enough advance notice for the writer to QUICKLY and hastily wrap it up:* AZTEK: Grant Morrisson's creation within the DCU. Just when it was starting to find itself and get interesting, it gets cancelled.
* MR MAJESTIC: Jim Lee's Wildstorm Universe's answer to Superman. Joe Casey was writing some killer stories here. The first 6 issues had art by Ed McGuinness, followed by Eric Canete. Issue 12 was the last issue and the character hasn't been interesting since. Bah!
* MYSTIQUE: I loved this book! And I loved where writer Ted McKeever was going to take the character. But then Marvel cancelled the book and x-writer Peter Milligan grabbed her and single-handedly ruined the character within the pages of then-unreadable X-MEN.
* SPIDER-MAN 2099: Peter David & Rick Leonardi's future tale of "Spider-Man". It was awesome and fun. Plus I love the costume! I think David left during some weird Marvel editor/manager shakeups... right around the time Marvel went bankrupt, rotten from within.
* MAJOR BUMMER: Hilarious!!!!
* SUPERGIRL: Never could get into the book, but when Ed Benes came onto the book for art chores, it got better. That and David busting out the scripts cause the book was going to get cancelled. The book sales went up, but DC had made its decision and cancelled it.
* DOOM PATROL: I really dug this new series. But I guess the market wasn't strong enough to support it. A real shame.
* NEW X-MEN: Ok, this makes sense..... cancel the best X-Book on the stands, then relaunch it as "Young X-Men" but with a different, crappy writer and art team.

These poor souls perished because the comic company, CrossGen, went belly up:Poor CrossGen. They changed the look and feel of Today's comics, but then went under. Marvel and DC snagged up all the artists and changed their books to look like CrossGen (Marve especially). Too bad some fantastic titles were lost, like RUSE, ROUTE 666 and EL CAZADOR.

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