Thursday, May 15, 2008


Check out Neca's upcoming ALIEN figures based on the first movie's creature! Oh man, it's gorgeous!!!

The top pics is their 7/9-" figure.... er... NecaOnline describes it: "... standing 9" tall, the upcoming Alien 7" Scale Action Figure boasts over 20 points of articulation, and is the first figure that truly captures the nightmarish essence of H.R. Giger's iconic creature design."

Um, ok... why call it the Alien 7" when its 9" tall? Weird.

Then they have their kickass 18" figure, pictured blow, which is equally as delicous!Butgain, they describe it as "Standing nearly 22" tall, with over 20 points of articulation, the Alien 18" Scale Action Figure is the large-scale figure Alien fans have been dreaming of."

Whuh? Huh?

Regardless of Neca's zany numbers, I shall be getting both of these!!! They are both set to hit shelves at the end of May 2008!!!!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

The original and best Alien, not the slime covered piece of crap it has now become !

Anonymous said...

Weird indeed. The numbers, not the figures. The figures are nice!