Thursday, May 15, 2008


I present to you the "ANTI-GALACTUS SUIT" by the super-talented team of MARK MILLAR & BRYAN HITCH, currently churning out cliche, unoriginal work in Marvel's FANTASTIC FOUR.



Fraser Lovatt said...

Good grief. I am amazed that they've sunk that low.

Are they not embarrassed?

It's clear that they also have contempt for their readership and think they'll put up with any old crap.

Anonymous said...

OK,..never mind that the "anti- galactus" suite is lame,..never mind that MIllar and Hitch are completely over rated,..never mind the fact they don't have a clue when it comes to the characters they butcher ( Millar refered to reed richards as "one of The best looking guys in the MU" as one of the reasons he was called Mr. Fantastic ), never mind the fact that "EVERYONE IS AWESOME, AND A COMPLETE BADASS..YEA!!!!", Never mind the fact that Millar has no idea of what a 'super -hero' is suppose to be/represent, and thinks everything should read like a movie blockbuster from the last 15 years,..Never mind that Hitch can't draw a single piece of original artwork without ripping off something/someone else or relying heavy on photos,..this is just fucking stupid. REALLY,..your using the god dame design from the transformer's movie as your influence,..I mean COPY??? Seriously,..why are these guys held at such high standards???? I guesss Colbert is right in refering to "the market has spoken". So these hacks keep getting work, and influencing what was once an imaginative and creative medium, and turning it into a cliche' of movie re-hashes and unimaginative, copied artwork.

-Thanks for slowly dragging comics into what is now Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

attention all artists,....there are other things out there besides Manga/Anime,...could you please step outside your tiny shere of influence and come up with something else??? please?,..for the love of god,...please......

-Thank You

Anonymous said...

Besides the robot looking dumb, Hitch should be ashamed for such a blatant ripoff. I suppose he hoped no one would notice. You know, Optimus Prime, the star of last year's biggest global movie ever. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Marvel, "the House of Ideas". They should be banned from ever using that phrase again. Lame.