Monday, May 12, 2008


This past week, IDW released their Transformers Movie "Sequel" comic, which spotlights Starscream taking command of the remaining Decepticons immediately after the movie's end. The left pic is the cover to the comic and really caught my eye. So much, in fact, I picked up the book. But then, about half way home, my memory kicked into gear and I realized the cover was an "homage" to the Marvel Transformers #5 in the '80s. I say "homage", but really this is a swipe since I found no note of any kind in the comic giving props to the Marvel cover artist - MARK BRIGHT.

Oh, and the comic itself blew. Out of 22 pages, 16 were a recap of the movie. The other 6 were Starscream going "I'm going to go do something...." Hardly a sequel. Lame.


Nick Girls said...

My problem with the IDW cover, and it's a minor one I guess, is that Starscream seems to have carved the letters in exactly the right formation so that he can stand in that pose and not obscure them.

That to me seems like fairly bad design on the part of the artist.

Anonymous said...

now all I see is the bad design of the carving!