Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The Iron Man scribes are writing it.
You simply cannot replace Clancy Brown.

Here's a vid:

(you can mute it at 1:28, heh)


Frank said...

With Samuel L. Jackson as MacLeod, right?

Jim said...

Hahahahaha, yes!

maker said...

AAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHH,..and i'll give you 20 to one everyone fights like a fucking ninja/samuri, wait,....One of the three WILL be a japanese Samuri (if not all three)my money is on Ramirez)

-why re-make this movie??? it's great as is.

remake the sequals,..or hell just do Pre-quels if you feel the absolute need to mess with this film....


allen said...

Great, now I have to scrape my brains off of the wall in my head just exploded.

There is not an original thought in Hollywood anymore...apparently.

crookymike said...

Samuel L. Jackson could still pull off a 16th century Scotsman better than Lambert.

As for Ramirez, how about Ewan MacGregor? He's handy with a sword and has a history with jackson in ruining franchises.

Though he probably couldn't manage the Egyptian/Spanish accent as well as Sean