Thursday, January 24, 2008


Ack! I meant to post this last week, but in my haste to get my ass to Vegas as quickly as possible, I forgot to post the draft! Last friday, Zack Snyder posted on the WATCHMEN movie website some sweet storyboards, showing off some of the comparisons to their comic book source material. Check it out!

This added to the crazy-insane accurate comic-to-screen detail I've seen, plus loving Snyder's previous work (Dawn of the Dead remake and 300) actually has me pumped for this flick! So far it looks like a very truthful adaption of not just the story, but of the comic book itself... much like 300 was. Cool, let's hope it works successfully!!

Buy and read Watchmen before the movie comes out, now!

Watchmen movie/comic comparisons
Watchmen casting
*this post is dedicated to JimSmash readers Maker and Scott, who are not Watchmen (the comic) fans, and therefore are poopie. Love ya!

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