Thursday, January 17, 2008


A new Star Trek teaser is to be shown tomorrow in front of CLOVERFIELD. The teaser itself will be released to the masses online this Monday, January 21. Here is a pic of the new ENTERPRISE in the next Trek outing by JJAbrams.

Dark Horizons described the teaser with, "the short clip shows construction workers welding something big whilst excerpts from the Apollo 11 mission are heard. It eventually pulls back to show the saucer section with the name USS Enterprise emblazoned on it in big letters (rather than the registry number) held in giant construction scaffolding as Leonard Nimoy says "Space...Where No Man Has Gone Before". Dissolve to the Federation symbol glowing in blue outline whilst the original series transporter effect sound is heard and the title cards 'Under Construction' and 'Christmas 2008' are shown - no title." (more description)

From what I've read and heard, Paramount insisted the ship stay pretty much the same in the reinvisioning. Cool. Can't wait to see it from different angles. My fingers are crossed xtra tight on this movie.

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irish paulie said...

I love it.

I was afraid they were going to retcon it to some modern design and ruin the ship. i like what i see so far.