Friday, January 04, 2008


It's gotten to the point where I no longer even want to see ALIENS and PREDATORS together. What was once the coolest "crossover" ever, is now stomach-churning. Thank you FOX for ruining TWO once-kickass franchises. Douchebags, I loathe you.

With that said, I saw NARIN's new custom sculpt entitled "DEATH WARRIOR" and my jaw dropped! Wow! I think its gorgeous! I love the designs he's put into both creatures! If you look at the details of the Predator armor and within the Aliens' heads, there's almost a Brian Froud quality about it. Pretty cool!

You can preorder the 17" tall kit now HERE for $369... with each group of 10 orders, the price comes down, too. Seriously, I'm tempted to splurge on this one... I have XMas money burning a hole in my wallet.... sooo tempting!!!! Gah, who am I kidding. Me, that's who. *sniffle*

Click on the images to enlarge and check out! Fantastic job, Narin! I'd like to see some strictly ALIENS sculpts, too!
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Scott King said...

Why not create a new monster franchise of your very own since you're never happy with current franchises. I'd actually be interested in seeing what kind of monster you'd come up with since you know as much about monsters and special effects as I do about TV shows and romantic comedies.

Jim said...

Well, since the alien in both ALIEN and ALIENS is perfection, there's only one way to go - Down. For me, those designs are truly perfect and the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Hence much of my rage on the films that followed.

allen said...

Agreed as far as the franchise goes...but I can't find myself liking any part of this sculpture. I HONESTLY believe that an ALIEN would kill a PREDATOR easily. There would be no war. The predators would lose so fast they would say, "What just burst out of my-F*CK"

Jim said...

Allen, you speak the gospel truth! Back when the first Aliens Vs Predator comic series came out, I loved the idea of Predators hunting Aliens... but I agree, the odds are stacked against the Predators. Seeing a Predator successfully kill an Alien was really cool back then because it showed just how awesome, and LUCKY, that particular Predator was in facing an Alien, obviously using lots of weapons to even the playing field. Normally, when I see imagery like this one, it tweaks me out (like you said)... but this sculpt, I dug the "artistic designs" and it took me back to those early days of my first impressions of the two creatures facing each other. Like I said, normally I'd be waving the anti-Predator beating Alien flag, but this one got me.

Please do not think less of me.

I'd prefer if the sculpt was acutally of, say, a few Aliens standing over a fatally wounded Predator hunter. But alas, the sculpts that seem to come out are always pro-predator. Its time for the Aliens to shine like they should.

aliendestroyer said...

A woman (Lt.Ripley) killed these Aliens...why would you think the could beat the predators? Predators were bred for their skill and magic.

Jim said...

Ripley killed an alien by having it sucked out of an air lock (twice), using pulse rifles with explosive casings, pouring hot-lead/cold-water combo and, er, having it sucked out of an air lock again. (Her being a woman is beside the point)

Predators with weapons... yeah, they have a great chance because like you said, they are skilled (magic??). But fighting without weapons? I'd put my money down on the Alien(s).

Overall, I don't mind the match up. When done right, its downright brilliant (thank you Dark Horse Comics!!!). I'd just like to see more statues put out with the aliens winning is all. Its gotten to the point where it seems like the Predator always wins. Bah!