Thursday, January 24, 2008


Behold THE EYE, GEIST, CITIZEN PRIME, BLACK ARROW, ZEAT MAN, HARD WIRE, and er SUPERHERO!!! Real-life superhero operating in cities world wide! In fact, based on eye-witness accounts, there's about 50-200 real-life superheroes operating in the U.S., with another 50 or so internationally!!

Click HERE for more info on real-life superheroes! And click HERE to see some footage!

We have a superhero here in Los Angeles... he rollerblades around the West Side in full black gear; hockey helmet, football shoulder pads, arm & leg guards, the works. I don't know if he's an actual superhero... he's probably one of the many nutjobs here.... but Maker and I have dubbed him "THE VENETIAN!!!!", who patrols the West Side for Justice! You laugh now, but when a giant radioactive crustacean emerges from the ocean and starts attacking Venice Beach, you'll be yelping in joy when you see The Venetian rollerblade off a rooftop and fight off the beast back to the deep depths from which it came forth! "GO VENETIAN, GO!!!!"
*thanks, Mr Legs!


allen said...

I so want to do this...suit up, kick some butt of the local gang kids! YES! But no cape.

Todd McFarlane said...

Whatever, Allen!

allen said...

You aren't todd! But wouldn't it be cool to do that?! Slap on some black, get a mask...kick some...oh ain't Todd, but you want to do it! :)

Jim said...

haha, yeah it sounds cool... but with a GIANT FLOWING CAP!! YARDS AND YARDS OF FABRIC!!!