Thursday, January 31, 2008


Did you see on the COLBERT REPORT where Stephen called out CONAN O'BRIEN for swiping the credit for Huckabee getting a boost? It was pretty funny.

Well, now I'm calling COLBERT out! This week he had Marvel Editor-In-Chief JOE QUESADA on as a guest again. Quesada said that Colbert is still a presidential candidate within the Marvel Universe, to which Colbert brought out campaign bumper stickers like "Colbert/Hulk '08", "Colbert/Iron Man '08" and "Colbert/Quesada '08". He then said he had a campaign slogan - "COLBERT SMASH!" to which the audience went bat shit.I think we all know where he got that idea from. No, it wasn't from the pages of HULK - that's where I got it from. We all know he got it from your favorite blog, JIMSMASH!!!!! I know this because my Inbox has been flooded with emails ever since the episode aired.

So email Colbert and let him know you're not fooled!

See? The Writers' Strike DOES effect JimSmash! Jab!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Joe Q looked like a porn producer???..he had that slimey/creepy vibe to him, with the top three buttons unbuttoned to expose his chain that dangled about his shaven chest.To paraphrase Stewie,,.." the kind of look that says 'yea I've been filmed naked,..what of it??,,"

-This could explain a LOT about the current state of Marvel.

-good to see ya again JIM

Anonymous said...

ps,..I still can't spell,..

Jen said...

I emailed!!!