Friday, January 04, 2008


Click HERE to watch a short sneak peek of the upcoming 3D Animated STAR WARS: CLONE WARS series. I think it looks pretty sweet. But most of that is probably because its an extension of the previous 2D animated series (which rocked!). Some of the character animation and acting is a bit stiff, but so was the live-action, heh. Anyway, there's going to be 100 episodes. Seems like enough time to yank some cool stuff out of. If anything, its nice to see more stuff during the Clone Wars... and isn't that what we wanted to see in the prequels? I know I did... instead of the entire War taking place off screen between EPII and EPIII. God those prequels were terrible... (right, Andrew?!)
*thanks, Melchy!


Scott King said...

It's too clean looking.

CGI just seems over done now. 'Specially when the 2D Clone Wars was great. But thats just my pov on the art direction.

As long as the writing is different and small problems I have with the art isn't a big deal.

Scott King said...

Watching the series finale of "Extras" and Ricky Gervis'(sp?) character said "Different" so I accidentally typed it instead of "Decent." I hate when that happens.

Jim said...


I loved the 2D cartoon and wish Lucas had let Tartakovsky continue on, instead of this 3D version.