Wednesday, January 02, 2008


WOW, 2008! CRAZY!

As you may have noticed, JIMSMASH underwent some slight face-lifting.... that I was supposed to do in April 2007.....

* NEW HEADER BANNER! The old default one was too boring. But I wanted to keep it simple still and recognizable as the same JimSmash, yet breath a bit more life into it than the previous "out-of-box" header. I think its a decent "place holder" as I continue to slack on designing a proper logo. Hey, this ain't my day job, people... and I'm incredibly lazy.

* THE EYE IS BACK! (due to popular demand!) Last year Blogger updated the old template and screwed up JimSmash's look... the "classic eye" was lost and replaced with the annoying and boring "Contributors: Jim & Jim", which I was unable to easily fix or even get rid of. This holiday gave me the time to UPGRADE to the "new" blogger, which allowed for various fixes. I had heard of nightmares from others on the upgrade (like losing everything) which is one reason why its taken me this long to give the proper attention. Oh, and again..... the Eye is a "place holder" as I continue to slack on designing a proper logo.

* NO MORE "SEARCH JIMSMASH". Sorry, but in the upgrade I lost the "Search JimSmash" field. Unfortunately the code I was using no longer works in the new blogger. So until I get that back up and running, you can use the small search field found at the very top of the page, above the JimSmash Header.

* OLDER POSTS LINK! You will now notice at the very bottom, a useful "OLDER POSTS" link which will take you to the "next page" of posts. So now you can easily read every single JimSmash post in a fluid manner! Yay! Go ahead, reread em ALL now!
....and that's about it! 2008 looks to be a fun, crazy ride!


Jen said...

I dig the new look

Pepsi Lover said...

love the older post function! thank you!