Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I came home last night to find a package from my good friends Connie and Otter back east. Inside were some infamous PECAN LOGS from STUCKEY'S!!! If you know of them, then you know already they are a gift from the Pecan Gods. I haven't seen a Stuckey's in YEARS and cry yearly that I'm unable to satisfy my Stuckey's Pecan Log craving, knowing I may never be able to have one again ("Did they go out of business?"). Most Stuckey's may be gone now, but they're still in biz and have a WEBSITE! That's right, I can now order me some BOXES of these fuckers! YAY! Click HERE to buy some! I recommend the SMALL individual ones. YUM!!


noerb said...

We never stopped there for some reason...nor did we stop at Howard Johnsons....I think both these places were too expensive for our budget!

otter said...

i hope you have as much fun eating them as we did finding them!