Friday, June 29, 2007


Andry Summers wrote a hilarious article on Star Wars, Fans and that love/hate relationship we all know far too well.

"There is a diabolical twist to Star Wars fandom, you see, that defies comprehension, and yet is the life-blood of all Star Wars fans. It is this: Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. If you run into somebody who tells you they thought the franchise was quite enjoyable, and they very-much liked the originals as well as the prequels, and even own everything on DVD, and a few of the books, these imposters are not Star Wars Fans. The primary fulcrum for the Star Wars fan’s hate is George Lucas, creator of Star Wars. Unlike Trekkies/Trekkers who adore Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Star Wars fans hate the father of their obsession......"

Continue reading HERE, it's quite funny!

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Rich said...

One of the main differences, in my opinion is that Roddenberry gradually lost control of his baby - whereas Lucas was always in charge.

As Roddenberry's influence faded - he grew to dislike the direction of the movies and later series. He would continually fight to bring it back to his ideal, only to see it ripped from him and taken in completely different directions.

For the most part, paramount did good things with it until Enterprise.

The main problem with it was being a prequel.

Now what if they set it in the distant future... what if it was more of a distopia where the Borg and Federation and all the baddies wiped each other out and this was the rebuilding process hundreds of years later.

Certainly a lot easier to believe than the nicey nice lovey dovey future where we conquer time and everything just keeps getting better... But then Roddenberry wouldn't have liked that either, I'm sure.