Thursday, June 28, 2007


* New Line Cinema appears to be in the lead to acquire to the rights to the CONAN franchise.

* They are making a TV Series that revolves around the BATES MOTEL from PSYCHO. Hollywood is truly being run by the most unimaginitive, talentless bafoons. sigh.

* It looks like LucasArts is making a LIGHTSABER game for the Wii. It's ok, I fell out of my chair, too.

* I think DIE HARD IV is doomed... it's opening this friday against Pixar's RATATOUILLE and then Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS this coming TUESDAY. Plus it's the 4th outing AND they toned it down to a PG-13 rating.

* SAM RAIMI is talking SPIDERMAN 4 and 5... but only if Tobey and Kirsten return. Meh. Put GYLLENHAAL in there and lose Dunst.

* As I was walking back to my car from the grocery store this morning (quick coffee & supply run before work), the Rich Bitch next to me put her coffee on the back of my car as she loaded her groceries. WTF? I seriously hate those upper class, perscription med junkie, right-to-everything assholes that live in LA. I was going to take off, dumping her coffee everywhere, but she was too fast..... it would have been worth the coffee spill on my car. Sorry, had to bitch - it really bugged me.


noerb said...

Around D.C. it's a little different...They aren't rich but, Gov. pencil pushing assholes!
You deserve a good squashing today!
Youv'e earned it!

Jen said...

Put GYLLENHAAL in there and lose Dunst...
Right On!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Bates Motel was a made for TV thing in 1987 too

Jim said...

Lori Petty.... Jason Bateman.... holy crap, I think I remember that!!

Alex said...

Put GYLLENHAAL in there and lose Dunst...

Spiderman 4 "Brokeback edition"

Rich said...

A definite 'car foul'.

Some people... Too bad you couldn't have popped your trunk... "Ooops... I thought that was my door lock"