Thursday, June 28, 2007


Because absolutely NO ONE demanded, asked, or secretly wished for it, THE SPICE GIRLS (now in their 30s) are back together for a Reunion. Is there a single member who's not an absolute mess right now? Didn't Eddie Murphy just get outed by a DNA test as being the father to Scary Chick's spawn?And who's the hot new Tranny member on the far left? Anyone else find themselves breathing out of their mouth (instead of nose) when looking at the middle member? Alright, that's all I got. It's not great, but it's all I have. Oh wait....
Here's a clip


noerbcarl said...

Oh great! They got to use the wardrobe from the NPR bitch's sketches! Save $$$$!!! Being an elementary school janitor can't you just hear me say?
"Bend over Mrs. Greeeeen" "I'll take you home and give you some of my HOT MONKEY LUUUUUUV!!!!!!"
With the bottom lip protruding and everything!

Jim said...

Raise your hand if you were just creeped out! hahaha

We love ya, noerb!

spaceJASE said...

Victoria Beckham

Jim said...

heh, yeah I know... it was a joke/insult.