Thursday, June 28, 2007





melchy said...

You forgot History of the World....Its good to be the king

Jim said...


(In my defense, I didn't want to overload the post with all his greats... notice the lack of Spaceballs?)


We were in a day showing, Space Balls, Germantown Md. and the reel ended and no one was in the projection booth....I stood on the backs of the seats and yelled...nothin... I exited the theatre and went up to the booth and the guy was finally in there threading it. The girl down in the lobby verbally assaulted me for going up there...she's lucky I didn't haul off and just pimp slap her into the next pay period! LAME ROTH THEATRES!

Jim said...

Whoa, that's the same theater I saw Space Balls in... back then, there weren't alot of theater options in the area... Germantown and Lake Forest, that's about it, right (oh I guess there was Montgomery Village and Quince Orchard... nevermind).. but I think Germantown was the newest of the theaters. Anyway, I saw Space Balls there, too, and the movie abruptly ended and credits rolled right in the middle of the ship flying out of the giant robot maid. Everyone laughed, cause we just figured it was a zanny move by zanny Mel Brooks - to just end the movie all of a sudden in mid action. It wasn't until about a decade later, when I saw Space Balls again on VHS, did I realize there was more footage with some GREAT endings, including the ALIEN burstign out of John Hurt in the diner, and doing a song and dance off stage. Hilarious! So yeah, Germantown SUCKED! Atleast with Space Balls... what's up with that?!!!

breonatron said... verify my story...a day showing and only a hand full of viewers...they walked on out....the staff was lame and clueless....I wonder if that girl lives in a McMansion in Potomac now?