Thursday, April 05, 2007


Super busy, so here's a copy/paste:

SCIFI.COM, the award-winning website of the SCI FI Channel, has launched the Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Toolkit, an exclusive SCIFI.COM resource that arms fans with everything they need to create their own four-minute BATTLESTAR GALACTICA shorts.

The Toolkit ( gives access to 30+ visual effects, 20+ audio effects and cuts from the soundtrack of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series. Once the fan-videographers complete their masterworks, they may post them back to SCIFI.COM to share with other fans. There are hilarious demo videos on the site to check out and get the creative juices flowing.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA exec producer David Eick will select his favorite video to be broadcast in its entirety on SCI FI Channel during an episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA at a later date.

Someone put a JIMSMASH product placement in theirs!!!!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Isn't this how George Lucas made the Star Wars prequels !? :)

Lisa said...

How Cool! Or have they gotten desperate for ideas to fill in next season with the extra episodes they've agreed to?