Thursday, April 04, 2013


Aww man.... film critic ROGER EBERT died today after a long battle with Cancer. He was 70.

Growing up, "SISKEL & EBERT" was one of the few (main) movie critic shows available on Network Television (this was pre-Cable and pre-Internet days). Whether I agreed or disagreed with Ebert's movieopinions, his passion for Cinema was apparent and contributed to my own love of the medium.

Two thumbs up, Mr Ebert.
Rest in Peace.

Here's Ebert and Siskel reviewing 'Aliens', which they did not love to say the least, haha:

HERE is Ebert's written review from the suntimes.
(if link broken, click HERE)

and a previous post, with hilarious excerpts from their 'Alien: Resurrection' exchange.