Wednesday, April 17, 2013


One continuous, improvised take of pure geeky awesomeness!


allen etter said...

Amazing. Even tho that movie would totally suck as a Star Wars film, I'd still find it more entertaining than the prequels.

Anonymous said...

"Meee, twooo, deeerrrrrrrrrr. Must hate pweqwuuueeeelssss".

Yes I did type "too" incorrectly, as a boring zombie would. *yaawwn*

No, not the prequels, hearing whining about them. Oswalt did literally nothing any geek "could", except it didn't suck as much as what whiny haters for the prequels and it was on camera. ...for not Youtube.

Jim said...

I don't hate on people who like the Prequels. Please show the same respect for those who did not like them. We all have our own personal opinions.

Critique the films, not the fans.

Anonymous said...

It's a little redundantly boring to hear "the prequels sucked" & then "Jar Jar" all the time. It's idiotic.

Not showing disrespect to the people, just some of the boringly lame comments that come out of them.

Or please feel free to go high five people who say, "Justin Bieber is like if Curt Cobain & Michael Jackson made a baby. ...Except that Justin is way more talented!!! I also love to watch American Idol, Honey BooBoo, and I wish I were on JERSEY SHORE!!!!"

Don't lie, that person needs someone to love them enough to slap them.

I liken it to the Two Girls & 1 Cup... It's fine if you like to eat poop. Just don't brag about it to me 'cause I'll tell you that your taste is 'CRAP'. LITERALLY".

Or, you know, ignoring whatever is cool. COME ON, IDIOCRACY!!! lol

Anonymous said...

2 Girls, 1 Star Wars Prequel.

Malhavok said...

If you don't constantly remind people how shitty the pre-quels are, then " consensus" will say that they weren't that bad, or at worst ,.GOOD. And, they will continue to make shitty SW movies. we live in a A.D.D. society so, people (cough cough) don't remember things that happened last year, let alone 10 years ago. So yea,..They Suck, keep telling people they Suck, so no one steps on that land mine.....