Friday, April 05, 2013


When it was announced that Disney was the new owners of the Star Wars franchise, I felt bad for Dark Horse Comics because surely their licensing contract will not be renewed in a few years. Dark Horse has been producing Star Wars comics since the early 90s and is one of their biggest cash cows (if not biggest). Poor Dark Horse...

But then I see comics like this being produced, and I'm reminded that Dark Horse Comics is not worthy of the license.


unkiedev said...

It could be good. She-Hulk is one of my favorite comic characters, unique with her own style, but she's absolutely a knock off.
Sometimes creative low balls can still be Homeruns!

Anonymous said...


if you want the "expanded universe", then by all means go ahead have fun in the sandbox,..but stop trying to put your fingerprints all over iconic characters....expanding on thier lives,past future and rec -conning the present....and that goes for the novels that came out shortly after,..i'm sorry, they're not good. Thrawn, character,.but the "force nullifying" creatures are as stupid as medachloridians (i honestly don't care if i misspelled it )....the books are like the dead sea scrolls as far as i'm concerned..they are lame, unimaginative, and honestly seriously don't have the feel, life and understanding of the original films. seeing this makes me understand why the prequels were made, and made so bad.....

Jeyl said...

"But then I see comics like this being produced, and I'm reminded that Dark Horse Comics is not worthy of the license."

I wouldn't go so far as to say that. For one thing, this is a comic where the story revolves around a female lead, something that a lot of Star Wars stories, even in the EU lacks a lot of. Reading this one issue she's already lightyears more likable than Cade Skywalker.

And another comic that's also being released is actually giving Leia a bigger role to play than just the emotional anchor. When the writers were actually asked why she would be doing the things she does in this comic, writer Brian Wood had this to say.

Leia spends a LOT of time in an X-Wing here, as a pilot equal in stature to Wedge and Luke, and close in skill. If there’s anything “controversial” in what people already know about my story, it’s this idea that Leia is a fighter pilot. That she ISN’T one, actually, since we’ve never seen her doing it.

I simply applied logic to the situation: If we, here, learn to drive at age 16, why wouldn’t someone in Star Wars learn how to fly as a coming of age thing? Luke did, as a farm boy. Wedge did, working his parent’s gas station. Why not Leia, a daughter of privilege? She can handle firearms, she basically takes over her own escape from the Death Star. She survives torture. She BEATS torture, actually. Later we see her on speeder bikes, fixing the Falcon, shooting more dudes, and so on. It’s almost insulting to suggest she can’t fly an X-Wing, the Rebellion’s fighter of choice.

With the title of Princess being a generalized position where you don't need to have much responsibility or do much of anything, it's nice to hear that a writer didn't take the "but she's a princess" route in what Leia could or could not do. THAT not only earned my respect but also reassurance that Star Wars was indeed in the right hands.

With Disney's firm grip on the franchise already having sour effects like the closing of LucasArts and the cancellation of Clone Wars, Dark Horse is still at this point the most worthy of handling Star Wars. Sure, Disney has a new trilogy coming out, but I bet you my it won't feature a female protagonist.

Jim said...

No one gets my humor.

Anonymous said...

I think I get it now that you said no one gets it ...

Anonymous said...

If you can only identify/empathize/like Lea bc she has to be just like the other characters, that your idea of a "strong woman" is some one who "kicks ass" like a dude, then I would suggest thayt you are as narrow minded as the ones you accuse.

I've NEVER seen lea a an "emotion anchor". Seriously ???
She's extremely competent, quick witted, strong willed, brave, and a natural leader..... But she can't be a strong female protagonist unless she's an Ace fighter pilot?????

Sorry, but not all ideas and concepts of a "strong woman" fall into a singular defined Thatcher vs. Princess Diana... Both very strong women....both extremely different...

Anonymous said...

Hey, 1st anonymous, you've obviously never read any good novels and/or are blinded by whatever to see that they are, in fact, good stuff.

You can't just stop it right at the original trilogy and cut off the EU, which is (collectively) as good as the original trilogy.

The Thrawn series, regardless of whatever you dislike about the "force-nullifying creatures", set off the Star Wars Universe in a new way the same that you could say Empire was different from the very first one.

Different in cool ways, the same in cool ways.

Darth Bane started out as a graphic novel, then was graciously made into an AWESOME trilogy of novels.

Seeing Luke take the Jedi Order from ONE to MANY, and all that was w/ that (including how bad-ass Leia became, AS THEY WERE TWINS in the original trilogy), has been cool.

...this fake, or joke or whatever, comic ("SOLO YOLO"), started out awesome and blew all the other comics out of the water that came out at the same time.

Lost track of it, but the whole Cade/Krayt thing, and all of the rest involved w/ it, was cool as hell.

Please, by all means, feel free to not mistake your lame fixation on something 30 yrs ago as "cool". You're clearly missing out on some "just as awesome" because of it.

Both the original tril & the EU are wonderfully the same and kick-assingly different.

Anonymous said...

Would love for at least one of the prequel haters to at least read the Episode III novel, then the subsequent couple right after. It would make you seem...

Idk, at least less ignorant in your bitchy?

"Why would I, waaaaaaahhhh, Jar Jar, WAAAAAH!"

Jim said...

'Dark Lord: The Rise of Lord Vader' was pretty sweet.

Keep the attacks on the products, not each other.

Malhavok said...

Sorry, I did read the first three novels that came after, and as a opinion they just were not that good. Like I said, they didn't have the feel of the originals,( in the first two films before George realized he could make more money off merchandising than a good story ( his words not mine))
They were intelligent, and " classic" stories, set in a genre, but NOT defined by that genre. The novels just don't do that. The sories went from being classic Dramas and tradgedies,.. a western/samuri story, a greek tradgedy,... Ect...with characters that emoted and that the viewer cared for... The prequels were a joke of story telling, writing, character relationship, and just BAD FILMS, regardless of being tied to Star Wars. ( one cool character doesn't make a 2 hour movie good...)
The novels are "sci-fi" with cool shit, and that "awesome kickass character" with hashed out ideas giving no consideration of what inevitable pandoras box they are opening.bc people out there will buy and fall in love with a turd in a box with a star wars label on it bc...its STAR WARS!! If you like them, enjoy,... But they just aren't hat good. And I am personally tired of people using the excuse ( same with comics) that since " you guys loved that stuff from 30 years ago, but this is our time and we need ours" . If it weren't FOR that stuff you would have nothing. If you want to expand, then do something different, come up with an original concept, but don't ride the coat tails of a generational, cultural, iconic work and blindly build on it and expand it bc you( or the writer) think its an awesome idea, and people want more. You ruin he characters ( and for some one like Bobba Fett, Completely erase the mystery and qualities that made him a favorite in the first place.) It's the equivalent of letting random people build a car every 72 hours. You end up with a jumbled, dysfunctional mess, that isn't even reminiscent of what the original concept was bc EVERYONE wants to put their mark on it. it's " revisionist history..."

So I'll stick with the Old Testament stuff,.. I leave the New Testament, and he dead seas scrolls to you masses.....

Anonymous said...

Well, typed a lot right now, which I then lost (of course) which totally blew your "scoffing claims" out of the water. Whaaaaaatabuuuuuummer.

THIS, tho...

"If you want to expand, then do something different, come up with an original concept, but don't ride the coat tails of a generational, cultural, iconic work and blindly build on it and expand it bc you( or the writer) think its an awesome idea, and people want more. You ruin he characters ( and for some one like Bobba Fett, Completely erase the mystery and qualities that made him a favorite in the first place.)" completely wrong. If that thought would've prevailed, then I guess we'd have no Avenger's movie, yes? Nor any of the prequels? There would be no "Nolan's Batman Trilogy", nor aaaaaaany of the new movies including the new Superman (problems upcoming notwithstanding), yes?

'cause these stories were "told & told" DECADES BEFORE STAR WARS EXISTED.

You're, again, doing more whining about the mole hill and missing the mountain of awesome. also apparently don't know a thing about MANDALORIANS, which is WHY Boba Fett is who he is. He wasn't "just some guy" like in the movies, just like Vader wasn't "just some English strong guy in a suit w/ a funny voice".

I grew up w/ the original trilogy & always wondered WHY that "PERSON" was in that suit. It always intrigued me, I didn't just hold some "shallow, manic fear", I wanted to know WHY.

Just the fact that you get to see why, in gruesome fashion the likes of which truly pushed the PG-13 boundary, makes Episode III up there w/ the original trilogy, and I'll take my opinion/taste/view/observations/ETC over your opinion that "they just aren't that good" any day of any year.

...and the "turd in a box" reference, used so much by now that the "turd" is a fossil, is unfounded. ...again, it is your opinion & I know that I know more, imho. :-) Sorry to disappoint your... love for disappointment! lol

You don't ruin the characters, you add to them in I'd say MOST cases. But, then again, I'm the creative, appreciative type who has the know-how in literally every way humanly possible to say:

"The awesome that is Darth Maul, even up to & past the Clone Wars cartoon > the lame that is Jar Jar."

If not for "a new artist reinventing and/or adding to the classic character", we'd never have BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS by Miller just in the EIGHTIES, for yet another paralleling example, nor would we have the EU, which has given us countless "AMAZING" in video games, graphic novels, NOVELS, etc...

It's also allowed fans to create a bit of their own to the stories & to be recognized by those who made Star Wars is such a cool thing. Literally countless examples in the EU to provide proof of that. You simply cannot say that, "The existence of the 501st, as they 'merely recycled costumes' sucks".

You're pushing the mole hill past the mountain in the background by saying, "Just put your head down to he ground and see how they're the same", when people like me can see their differences, and appreciate both, for what they are better from our better view.

Anonymous said...

...Rise of of Darth Vader was AWESOME, and so is James Luceno, who is but another genius author to give us even more to these great stories.

Not making a case that "newer is better", as that doesn't always hold water, and not trying to be a blind, dumb proponent of "draw-dropping effects that make a story not suck", but if "all back when" is supposed to automatically be better than "all of today", just by default, then why have today's effects blown those made in the original trilogy out the water?

Yes, they were good for then, "great for what they had to work with", but Iron Man alone on the big screen, being actually able to MAKE THE CHARACTER WORK in a way never attempted before is better than...

Well, there's nothing to hold it up to because it was never able to be done until now. ...except for cartoons. ;-D

Hell, even just "Lego Star Wars" is awesomeness. Find the APPRECIATION, my friends, no need to keep shoving rocks in your own pockets; life likes to sneak that shit in there randomly enough already.