Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ooooooooh! Check out this badass McQUARRIE SNOWTROOPER Bust available at this year's San Diego Comic Con!! I think I have to go for it, due to its awesomeness..... dig that alternate head!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

These older McQuarrie designs are so much cooler than anything they came up with for the Prequels in terms of Clone Trooper armour !

Jim said...

The prequels should have looked like McQuarrie's designs come to life.

And written/directed by someone other than Lucas.

Anonymous said...

yes, the prequels weren't as good as the original tril, but just Jango, the clone army, definitely Maul, and seeing WHY Vader had to be in the suit is world's better than the "best" of all of Star Trek. hell, Jar Jar (as lame as he is) and "Emokin" are cooler than anything Star Trek. really.

having said that, incorporating the McQuarrie stuff into the prequels would've been GENIUS.

eh, oh well; we'd have all made it different.

Jim said...

Yeah, while the Prequels are Poop, there are some nice aspects to them (like you mentioned; Maul, etc)

I did a post of the Top 10 Good Things about the Prequels, found here (part of my short-lived "JimPRAISE" series:

allen etter said...

Whoa, Anon! Back off on the Trek hate. There is no way Jar Jar and the word cooler should be in the same sentence unless it's "Jar Jar was shot and killed and placed in a cooler". Just saying.

Anonymous said...

just saying, again... "Jar Jar is COOLER than the coolest thing about Star Trek". people just push that character to the forefront, going WAY overboard, just because. a CHILD'S favorite, that's what people capitalize & fixate on? seriously? might as well talk shit about SNARF, too!!

there's nothing to "hate" but the act of overrating lameness, no matter what that is. music, movies, cars, you name it; overrated just sucks.

one of the most notable things about Star Trek is the fact that it made PATRICK STEWART, in all his PIMPNESS, look goofy.

...and arguably the worst cameo in the history of film has to go to Leonard Nimoy in the recent Star Trek movie. as much as i don't like Star Trek, the way they sold up that film made me give it a chance & ever since i've felt cheated the likes of which makes me want to find JJ Abrams and demand my money back like people usually feel about Will Ferrell. lol

Anonymous said...

...interesting list on that link, btw, but if the SW prequels can be described as "crappy", then the best of the entire HISTORY of Star Trek is literally what i just flushed down the toilet about an hour ago.

nothing to "hate", i just laugh when i see people describe feces as "cool". it's just dung to me & nothing more, regardless of anyone's love or favourable description.

as i love to use this analogy, since i am doomed to never get rid of this image (as is anyone else who has seen it), "the 2 girls w/ the 1 cup love their 'taste' as well, which is fine for them, but to me it's nothing but shitty". LOL

Jim said...

I love me some Star Trek.

SOME of it:

-1/2 of Orig TV Series
-First 2 movies
-handful of Next Gen episodes

I like how us geeks wage war over our personal opinions. "You like Oranges?! Bah! Apples are good, oranges are bad! Death to the Orange People!"

(I hated the JJ Trek)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. You are entitled to your opinions...seeing how this is still America, but jeez, settle down. I (and many otherws) liked both Trek and Star Wars originals (plus the 8 of 10 cool things about the prequels Jimsmash liked and posted about). But it seems like your rant is designed just to piss off people who enjoy the sci fi that you hate. So peace and love, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, but take a vicodin and relax a little. Everyone knows Jar Jar was a mistake (including Lucas because Jar Jar slowly vanished from the prequels as you may have noticed) will one day be able to accept that. In the meantime, continue to enjoy the wonder that is Jimsmash's blog and try not to take yourself too seriously.

Anonymous said...

Frak oranges and apples, star fruit is the best! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

to the other Anonymous who apparently is a fan of vicodin... since you have a problem w/ "words", let me repeat myself & let's see if that gets through the drug haze... lol

there is nothing to "hate" about Star Trek, but all of you people seem to have such a high disdain for Jar Jar... who was meant as nothing but a SIDENOTE to SELL THE STORY in the ONE little movie. ...that also had Darth Maul, which more than makes up for the "nothing Jar Jar character meant for kids".

"thinking" you're smart enough to know exactly why Lucas put him in the background (as that storyline was no longer needed, as that was just ONE movie) later is completely laughable. seriously.

what i "dislike" is people who take lameness too seriously (Star Trek), pushing into "overrated land", while slamming on little nothing aspects of something that's overall better (Star Wars) in literally every way, thinking they have something new to say. ...rhyming completely unintentional. ;-D

but that's it, get over yourself & learn to live your own advice about "taking things too seriously", as you quote Spock. :-/

*yaawwn* "think" that i'm the one who is "pissing people off", like those who STARTED the shit-talking by picking at whatever that didn't need to be picked at, is hilarious!

Jar Jar wasn't a mistake, a million people CAN be wrong (and total idiots. i mean, it IS America! HAPPY FOURTH, btw! lol), and...

i'll say again one last time for the reeeaaal slooooow...

Jar Jar was a KID'S FAVORITE, a side character to sell ONE part of a story in ONE movie (that wasn't completely ignored later on, so that alone trumps your cute little "theory"! LOL), and still is part of a movie that, although arguably the worst of the prequels...

is simply better than the best of Star Trek. c'mon, man, "everyone knows that". lol ;-D

oh, and just for the record... i'm the one who's an artist (musician, actor, writer) as well as a Rugby player who trains MMA, so in MY opinion, you poor sheeple drones need to "settle UP" 'cause you're obviously more bored in life than i could ever be on my most "mundane" day. ...which hardly happens. i do get my downtime, love to laugh every day, & am living the difference between PASSION and being "high strung" like most people, as MaNiC as people are nowadays. ...really... just look around. people freakin & wiggin the fuck OUT all over the place. maaaaaaaaaaNIC!

...and it seems like you don't have a clue the difference, but, um... "thanks for your valuable & wise advice?"

oh, and, "fuck apples". ;-p hahaha

Anonymous said...

really, tho, if it sucks, then i'll say it sucks. ...just like everyone else w/ their freedom of speech, but since i'm not falling perfectly in line w/ what's called "GROUPTHINK" (ever heard of that?), then i'm the one that's wrong?

like i said, "a million people CAN be wrong", and i'd rather trust my great taste than all of your lamer taste, personally speaking, but hey... feel free to have a "yes-fest" amongst yourselves! it IS a free country, so we're free to think or NOT to!

i mean, SOMEONE has to be watching Jersey Shore & The Apprentice, eh? lol

Happy Independence Day once again and i bid you all adieu! ;-D

Jim said...

Hey Man...

We're all friends in here. In-Fighting is usually very limited and definitely not wanted.

I don't understand your apparent need to instigate arguments. For example, this post was about a Star Wars Bust yet you immediately turned it into an Anti-Star Trek thread, and threw out broad negative generalizations about those who do enjoy Star Trek (myself being one).

You don't like Star Trek. I get it. That's fine. It doesn't upset me. You have your opinions, I have mine. But I simply do not understand your need to bring it up constantly and go on the attack on those who DO like Star Trek.

You seem new to JimSmash(?)... or atleast new to posting comments. WELCOME!! The more the merrier! I love making new friends on here. Its one of the bonuses to running this silly blog - interacting with like-minded people and geeking out on dorky pop culture stuff. What I don't like is negative attacks on others. It bums me out and throws me into a really pissy mood.

I'm tired of being attacked for simply liking fucking goddamn Star Trek, man. I'm also tired of having my posts shat upon. If you, or anyone, feels inclined to just shit all over the place and throw insults to other commenters, please, keep it to yourself. I don't understand the hostility at all.

Posting commments on JimSmash is not a Right. Keep pissing me off and I'll turn off the Comment Option... or just fucking silence your shit and deny your voice.

but hey, I don't want to do that!

We seem to enjoy the same things (well, except for Star Trek!)... so can we please just move forward and be cool?