Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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UPDATED: I previously posted that this bust was life-size but I was mistaken. It's 1/2 scale.

I like this short-lived incarnation of Mystique. Writer Sean McKeever was doing great things with her in her now-cancelled monthly series... and from what I read, had even greater (IMO) plans for the future. I was really sad when Marvel decided to cancel the series. While the first few issues sucked, I thought it got really good from #7 and on.

Recommended Mystique:
Mystique #7-24

or the collected editons:
Vol 2: Tinker, Tailor, Mutant, Spy (with great art by Michael Ryan & Manuel Garcia)
Vol 3: Unnatural (with great art by Manuel Garcia)
Vol 4: Quiet (with great art by Manuel Garcia)

* Mystique #1-6 written by Brian K. Vaughn


Anonymous said...

I gotta say,..not a fan of the bust......( beautiful work, just not a fan of the way she looks...)

Jim said...

Yeah.... you see the model posing, not the character.

Took said...

It's not lifesize. It's in the Legendary Scale Bust series, so it's scale 1:2 (half the size of a normal bust).

Jim said...

ah, thanks Took!
Post has been changed.