Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've tried to fight it, but its too hard to resist - Yes, I think I need to get the B'dg Green Lantern figure. He comes in a 3-Pack which also includes Dex-Starr and Despotellis (the sentient Virus of the Sinestro Corps!). Available now - check your local toystore!



Bubbashelby said...

I couldn't resist that three pack either, and discovered that Dex-Starr was my fave of the bunch, even though I thought it'd be B'Dg.

woobot said...

I almost got you that playset for your B-Day... But Angela said you wouldn't like it... I see she was wrong!

Jim said...

Angela!!! *raised shaking fist*

Anonymous said...

...aaaaaand this is why the Green Lantern story will always be cheesy and just for fangirls, just like the movie. ...a mouse and a cat. seriously?

i mean, after the GROTESQUE over-advertising (NICE job on THAT screw-up, DC & etc!), people are commenting about, "i'm a fan of Green Lantern and this is the best comic book movie ever made!"

yeah, because you're a FAN, you IDIOT.

if all i cared about was Spiderman, then the 3rd one in the recent franchise was "awesome".

to think that GL, as i know literally the whole plot from all the annoying face-raping of clips and trailers, is better than Spiderman 2, the 1st 2 Superman movies, and THE DARK KNIGHT (arguably the best comic book movie of all time AND one of the best movies of all time, PERIOD) is laughable. it's probably not even as good as Thor, which isn't as good as the awesome that is Xmen: First Class.


still interested in seeing it, we're fans of 3D (DONE WELL, that is), but i might buy a movie ticket to another movie, then just go back & say we forgot our 3D glasses and sneak in to GL.

i mean, DORITOS?!? cross-promoting DORITOS and GREEN Lantern, and not even making the freakin' Doritos GREEN!?!? that's just stupid. ...and lazy.

...and we're neither, so we're not buying.

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

oh, while i'm ranting at the moment, there's another thing i've heard a little bit...

"Captain America could be the best comic book movie ever made". :-/

i mean, it can't be the worst (too many up for that consideration to care to think about), but "THE BEST"? it's got to do A LOT do be that, which i honestly don't think they have in them.

saw a thing about the Director saying that Evans was his choice from the start and he didn't even audition, nor did he audition anyone else. that, to me, is STUPID. million-dollar stupid.

i mean, despite faltering here and there (Routh not being "perfect" & that Superman movie kinda sucking, Jackman having the look in the face, is a great actor, but WRONG physicially), there's been some hits...

Hemsworth as Thor and Fassbender (despite not being "totally unknown") as Magneto, for two major examples.

Evans may be fine for this one, as i do have hopes (PLEASE don't suck. PLEEEAAASE don't give us another "sub-par" Cap story!!!!!), but the man better gain ANOTHER 30 or so pounds to be the true "bad ass, take no shit, mo'fo" that Cap truly is.

his "sweet boy, nice guy" face just doesn't do it for me, he doesn't look as intimidating as Cap SHOULD be in the suit & hood, and yes... it still looks like Johnny Storm is playing a trick on the Marvel Universe.

i've been trying to mentally get away from that, but it's just still so there. it's not like he looks "that different" than when he played Torch, ya know? ...what, about 20 lbs or so of body mass is the only difference between Cap and Torch? yeeeaaah, not really.

Jim said...

Ha, yeah :)

jedispyder said...

I searched for this for weeks before finding it, love it so much! I'd love another 3-pack with Ch'p, Bzzd, and a better Glomulus or something else that works.