Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Here's another pic of the upcoming Superman movie by Bryan "X-Men Was WAY Overrated" Singer."
Is everyone else completely uninterested and a bit insulted by this version as I am?

Where to begin.... for one, the new actor looks way too young. This is supposed to be SuperMAN, not SuperBOY. While i like the more muted colors, the small Superman chest logo doesn't work and the S-Belt buckle is just stupid. Also, the suit's looks like a costume with a towel shoved into the neckhole. I think they should have taken Reeve's costume and just applied the color scheme to it. Done.

Oh, and get another actor that looks like he can shave.
Contrast and compare.
Reeves = Superman.
Routh = Chump in a halloween costume.

Christopher Reeve WAS Superman.
He nailed it.
This guy (Routh) looks like Jason Schwartzman from Rushmore!I'll be skipping this flick. Instead, I'll be watching my dvd of SUPERMAN (the REAL one).


Anonymous said...

You're getting old dude, he is a Man, just a younger one than you.

And X-men was good, X-men2 better, and maybe they'll also keep the super celophane S that Reeves used in 2. "That was a minor inconvience"

Jim said...

No way, he looks like a WB high school student (meaning about 23).
Apparently Routh is 25, the same age as Christopher Reeves when he did the first Superman. Look at those 2 pics and tell me they look the same age. No way.

And only non X-Men fans thought the X-Men movies were great. They weren't bad, but they also weren't really "The X-Men."


Anonymous said...

Other costume observance:
His red pants are cut lower so the ladies get some defined rock ab action going on...hehehe