Monday, November 21, 2005


The Official 1st day of Holiday Shopping is the day after Thanksgiving.
So here are 3 stupid (yet oddly cool) toys for that special dork in your life: Thing hands, Hulk hands, and King Kong hands.
I recommend the Hulk hands, as I have a pair myself. hahaha

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Lisa said...

The Thing Hands were rated as one of the top most dangerous toys this year, by those facist folks who try to take all of the fun out of life. Amazon has the warning displayed: Safety Information
Parental supervision recommended Warning: Thing Hands are intended to be used only for dress-up fantasy play. Do not strike any person, pet or inanimate object with Thing Hands as serious injury could result, Do not use Thing Hands to make forceful contact with people, pets or inanimate objects as such contact can damage the Thing Hands, causing them to rip or become inoperable, or can cause injury to the person or thing with which it comes into contact or to the user's hand(s). Do not use this product as a protective device for the hands.