Monday, November 14, 2005


At one point in my life, high school/early college, I considered the idea of wanting to design movie posters for a living. There was always several that would come along (or had already) that really grabbed my eye and influenced me creatively. I can't recall all of them, so instead I'll just post what comes to mind when I think "Cool Movie Posters".

Off the top of my head, 12 movie posters I dig:

** click to enlarge **
What are YOURS?
Write in the comments section and I'll post em!

Before I get called out on it, I put the Peter Pan one there because:
1) I like the poster
2) Its the first movie I worked on as a compositor
3) Because of that, I have it hanging at home, hence it being on the top of head

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Anonymous said...

one of the best.....

awesome movie too