Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Have you been following the disturbing story in PA of the teen who killed his 14yr old girlfriend's parents? Click here to read about it.

It is not my intent to make a joke at the expense of this...

However, an interesting piece of info jumped out at me:
Before the murders, the teen had posted on his site lyrics from a Christian Rock Band.

So? Are parents and churches going to go after the Christian Rock folk for this? They went after Judas Priest. They went after Ozzy. They went after Marilyn Manson. Anytime something bad happens with a teen, everyone jumps in to see what they were listening to because that, of course, would be the thing to blame.

So come on people!
I want to see Christian Rock albums piled high in a burning bonfire!!!! I want to see angry parents picketing Christian Rock concerts screaming "Christian Rock Kills!!!"

Christian Rock. Who would have thunk?

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Anonymous said...

When I was a smally child my Mom's Mother and her sister were in Fla. working for and living at a "Christian boarding school" No you know whats on campus...get the drift??? they had it...kids, everybody with a modified skeet launcher..they had purchased a R&R radio station and had a big picnic and shotguns etc. so on and so forth. Well they gave me the Frank Garlock double record set. Spiritual Wickedness he used to say of R&R music! We used it on a radio program in the 80s @ U of Md.