Thursday, June 16, 2016


For the 30th anniversary of 'ALIENS', Fright Rags has packaged together a little anniversary box of goodies to celebrate James Cameron's 1986 masterpiece!

On their website, they gleefully gush about the film (and rightfully so!):
"I'm sure I'm probably not alone when I say that ALIENS was my first introduction to the Alien franchise... it still remains my personal favorite of the series and just doesn't get old no mater how many times I watch it.... On Wednesday, June 22, we will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a brand new collection of shirts, baseball tee, socks, and an exclusive limited edition box set."

The anniversary box includes T-Shirts, Lobby Cards and a Patch. Pretty exciting... I was all aboard until I took a closer look and realized they use the WRONG ALIEN on 3 shirts, a lobby card and the packaging itself. 

Let's take a closer look:

^ This alien is from the movie 'AVP'. 

The image itself is from ADI's promo photoshoot, showcasing the alien suit they build for the film. 

^ This shirt uses the Smooth Domed aliens seen in 'Alien', 'Alien3', 'Alien: Resurrection' and 'AVP', as well as the "Swimmer Tail" from 'Alien: Resurrection, 'AVP' and 'AVP-R'

^ ...and uses a promo screen grab from the video game 'Alien: Isolation'


^ This shirt uses the alien from 'AVP-R'


And then there are these:

1 of the 4 Lobby Cards is an image from 'ALIEN 3'.

And on the side of the packaging, they use ADI's life-size maquette for 'ALIEN: RESURRECTION'.


I believe I'm able to recognize these obvious use of the incorrect alien because I've watched the movies. I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but I've also been known to be able to spot the differences between Stormtroopers, Snowtrooprs, Biker Scouts and Clone Troopers. 

More  info on the Box Set HERE at Fright Rags

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