Tuesday, June 07, 2016


While not perfect, I'm digging most of the costume [re]designs for 'DC REBIRTH' - a huge improvement over most of the shitty, overly-designed, 90s-cliche costumes seen in the 'NEW 52'.

Here are some examples of the new designs:

^ more akin to the current Cinematic WW
^ I dig it!
^ lose the gloves, and have him bare feet...
(I kinda miss the New52 collar)

^ still prefer the McDaniel design. 
I hate the blue in the shins in this one.
^ yay, she doesn't look like a stripper!
^1000% better, and looks like Tim Drake.
^ still too many glowy lines

^ ready to pilot EVA

The new SUPERMAN design is an improvement, mostly. I never liked the armor - or should I say, the design of the armor. And the lack of color below the S-Symbol made for a dull aesthetic. So this 'Rebirth' design is pointed in the right direction, but misses the mark for me.

Gleason's initial 'Rebirth' design (below) was almost perfect, with the brighter blue,  yellow belt and red boots. (I could do without the wrist bands, though, since they disrupt the flow to his hands/fists). 

His version still remains true to the classic look and feel, yet slightly alters it to a place where non-trunks fans can be happy, too. Gleason's design looks like an approachable good guy, whereas the final 'Rebirth' design has him looking more akin to a villain (read: Ultraman). 


The 2 New 52 Designs I will miss:

New 52 SUPERGIRL, even with the funky red crotch:

and the New 52 WONDER WOMAN
(Bernard Chang design):

I don't mind the 'Rebirth' WW design, per se...
I just really like Chang's slick design better.

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