Monday, June 27, 2016


Aw man.... TREVOR STEEDMAN has died, at the age of 62. I will always fondly remember him as PRIVATE WIERZBOWSKI in 'Aliens'. 

AVPGalaxy reports that Steedman suffered a stroke 2 years ago and then another serious one a week ago which he never regained conscious from. 

Wierzbowski was always a favorite marine of mine. I recall writing a fun, super silly fan fiction story with a college buddy about the further adventures of. We never actually saw Wierzbowski die on screen (nly heard his screams) so we had those screams be him running away scared. Later he meets up with an injured Crowe, board the Derelict ship (where Crowe interfaces and becomes a cyborg pilot) and go off on ridiculous, stupid adventures. They were posted on an online forum (Gateway Station??) and I regret not saving those tales. 

That same friend mentioned above, named his dog "Bowski" so he could call out to him "Where's Bowski? Where's Bowski?!" (Wierzbowski). 

I also was hoping to someday meet Steedman on the convention circuit and humbly ask him to sign my Pulse Rifle replica. 

Maybe Neca will at least grant my wish and make a figure of Private Wierzbowski!

sigh, sad news of an actor's passing who gave so much fun and giggles over the decades.... 


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