Thursday, June 09, 2016


I have 2 Batman Black & White statues; Brian Bolland & Mike Mignola v2.

The only other B&W statue I've ever wanted is the DAVE MAZZUCCHELLI, which is based on his 'Batman: Year One' artwork. Just gaze upon its awesomeness:

Unfortunately I missed the short window when it was released and it has been existing in the jacked-up price of the Secondary Market (approx $300). Its just too expensive for my wallet.

Well DC has now released a second version! And like the other 2nd versions, they've swapped out the "Year One" Bat Chest Emblem for the OVAL emblem:

The Bolland statue's Oval Emblem works because Bolland's Batman wore that emblem. But with Mignola and Mazzucchelli, Batman wore the "Year One" emblem. As much like my Mignola v2, I would greatly prefer the Year One version.

So much, in fact, I just can't bring myself to buy this v2 Mazzuccheli statue. I know all I would is stare at that little sliver of oval emblem and be sadly annoyed - "That's not how it looks in 'Batman: Year One!". 

* Many thank yous again to my friend Dylan, go gifted me the Mignola v2 statue. Yes it has the oval emblem, but I still love it.... just not as much as the v1 "Year One" version :P Love you!


Painted Mignola v2
^ The oval works in color!

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Timewaster said...

I've always preferred the oval emblem over the year one style "bat only" emblem. There's just something about it that makes it look cooler INCO (in my correct opinion).